Name Description
see-saw manipulableIntroduction: Arrange the children on the see-saw to achieve balance.
merry-go-round manipulableIntroduction: Set the force on a merry-go-round to achieve maximum fun.
Learning ConnectorsIntroduction: Three short matching games to link statics connection types to images.
ArcherFree Body Diagram Exercise: Archer
SeeSawFree Body Diagram Exercise: See Saw
Pisa TowerFree Body Diagram Exercise: Tower of Pisa
Panel 3DEquilibrium Exercise: Panel in 3D
AwningDistributed Load Exercise: Awning
BookshelfDistributed Load Exercise: Bookshelf
Space StationDistributed Load Exercise: Find the centroid of the International Space Station
Levee (part 1)Distributed Load Exercise: Levee (part 1)
Levee (part 2)Distributed Load Exercise: Levee (part 2)
Centergy TrussTruss Exercise: Centergy Truss
Gambrel roofTruss Exercise: Gambrel roof
BridgeTruss Exercise: Minneapolis Bridge
Purse ProblemFrame Exercise: Arm and Purse
BicycleFrame Exercise: Bicycle
Centergy FrameFrame Exercise: Centergy Frame
CRC RoofFrame Exercise: CRC Roof
KeyboardFrame Exercise: Keyboard
Ladder drillFriction Exercise: find the force at which the ladder will slip.
Keyboard (Friction)Friction Exercise: Keyboard
SpiderwomanFriction Exercise: Spiderwoman
Push upCentroid Exercise: Find the reaction forces in push ups.
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